To what degree are the spiritual virtues of “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth” in your life as we approach the election? How could it matter? Is it significant that this week includes both United Nations Day and National Nut … read more.

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  • Update from FAST:Update from FAST:
    Racial Profiling: Over the past two years, we’ve heard from people who felt that they had been pulled over because of the color of their skin.  To provide an opportunity for community members to make complaints of racial profiling, we created “Law Enforcement Interaction Cards” for members to fill out and turn in to us, which we passed on to law enforcement anonymously. Last May at our Joshua Assembly, Chiefs Slaughter and Holloway and Sheriff Gualtieri committed to investigate any complaints regarding racial profiling. We have since clarified what we mean by investigate and, as a result, sent letters to both police chiefs and to the sheriff asking them to commit in writing to what we planned on asking them at the Action: When you receive a complaint, will you agree to review the history of the named officer’s interactions to ensure there isn’t a trend of discrimination? In June, we announced that Chief Holloway ...
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (October 16, 2020)
    Hello all, Many are worried, of course, about the November 3 election’s consequences for democracy, environment, and human rights. One joke covers all of that: Fed up with us, God messages the President as Earth’s most influential person, “Start irreversible steps by Election Day to make life good for all or I will eliminate humankind that day.” The President immediately tweets his followers, “Good news! God chose me as the most influential person on earth – AND, we don’t have to worry about the election!” The real good news, I think, is that most Americans appreciate the beauty of democracy and won’t let it be extinguished. Fear may be pervasive now, but corruption isn’t. The light will grow again. Meantime, here are two practices for the next 3-4 weeks. First, bear witness to truth without claiming the whole – pay attention; seek understanding; don’t let the spirit of truth die. Second, keep in touch with yourself – take regular moments to be still, breathe ...
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (October 9, 2020)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (October 9, 2020)
    Hello all, Many of us will prioritize honoring and celebrating Indigenous People’s Day this Monday, October 12, in preference to Columbus Day. The sailing achievement of Columbus and crew may still seem important in Spain or Italy. But in recent years researchers have raised to our attention the horrific consequent suffering and losses of indigenous people in these their native lands – 90% of the estimated 60 million people here before the conquistadors arrived in 1492 died in the next several generations from European diseases, massacres and enslavement. The numerous legacies of these peoples, nonetheless, are fundamental to the democracy of today, beginning with the American experiment. For example, much of the structure and spirit of our U.S. Constitution derives from the Constitution of the Iroquois Nation, a confederation of six Iroquois-speaking peoples.  At least one of those peoples, the Mohawks, had noteworthy standards for choosing their legislature and leaders. The women owned the land (being a ...

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